Victory Memorial United Methodist Church have Christian Education classes for children ages 3-4, K-4th grade, and 5th-6th grade. All children meet in the entryway between the Sanctuary and the Nursery (see the map). Popcorn is served at 9:30 a.m. with classes starting promptly at 9:45 a.m. There are adult leaders/teachers who greet the children upon their arrival, take them to their classroom, take attendance, and assist/teach the lesson.

The class for our 3-4 year old and the K-4th grade use the curriculum: Bible Story Basics. Bible Story Basics is a comprehensive three-year Bible study built to help children understand the overarching story of God’s Word while nurturing and growing their faith. Your children will hear foundational Bible stories, memorize key verses, and internalize God’s Word while having fun with music, games, puzzles, prayer and more. We invite you and your children to experience the depths of God’s love expressed in the stories of the Bible!

The 5th-6th grade class are studying the Bible through a continuing game of BibleOpoly. BibleOpoly is a game of fun and faith where the object of the game is to be the first to build a church. The youth in this class are learning about the remarkable cities and storys of the Bible along with what the Bible has to say to us and how it is relevant to us today!

Durning the summer our children ages Kindergarten–6th Grade participate in a one room Sunday School class. We are continuing to establish the Bible as a foundation in children’s lives and faith, and to unleash the power of God’s Word to work in the minds and hearts of children. We hope to see you there!!

3 & 4 year old – #107
K-4th grade – W. 2nd floor
5th-6th grade – #210