Victory Memorial United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
A caring community of Christian persons.
Upcoming Meetings & Activities:
Wednesday, March 14th-Saturday, March 17th: Youth Ski Trip

Wednesday, March 14th: Joy Circle, 7 pm, Parlor

Wednesday, March 14th: Trustees Committee meeting, 7 pm, Archives Room
Thursday, March 22nd: Primetimer's Meeting, 5:30 pm, FEC
Holy Week Schedule:

Sunday, March 25th (Palm Sunday): 
--Easter Cantata, during the 10:50 am service
--Children process in with Palm branches during the 10:50 service

Monday, March 26th:
--Ministerial Alliance Holy Week service & lunch, 12:00 pm, at the Nazarene Church—Pastor Dave Player preaching

Tuesday, March 27th:
--Ministerial Alliance Holy Week service & lunch, 12:00 pm, at the Nazarene Church—Dallas McGlasson from Lifeway Church preaching

Wednesday, March 28th:
--Ministerial Alliance Holy Week service & lunch, 12:00 pm, at the Nazarene Church—Nazarene Church preaching

Thursday, March 29th (Maundy Thursday): 
--Maundy Thursday service, 6:00 pm, Sanctuary

Friday, March 30th (Good Friday): 
--Good Friday service, 6:00 pm, Sanctuary
--24 hour Prayer Vigil begins, 8:00 pm, Sanctuary (Ends Saturday evening, March 31st)

Sunday, April 1st (Easter Sunday):
--Easter Sunrise Service, West Side of Sunset Lake, time to be announced
--Children process in with cut flowers at the beginning of 10:50 service

Pastor Dave wants to visit each family of our church.  Please let him know when a good day and time will be to visit your family.

ATTENTION: We have moved Early Worship Service to 8:30 am for a 3-month trial,  before making a permanent change.  This will allow an hour for worship and an hour for Sunday School.   Please remember to pray about and then to invite someone to join you for worship.  Any and all feedback is requested and welcomed by Pastor Dave.

We would like to put your military loved one in a picture in our newsletter!  Please send us a picture at:

New Life Safety Team
Emergencies can happen anywhere, even in church.  It could be a medical emergency, a tornado emergency, a child safety issue, a bomb threat, robbery, physical assault, or the increasing incidents of an active shooter in schools and churches. Victory Memorial is in the process of training a “Life Safety Team” to respond in case of all these emergencies.  We have sent a team to training and will be training others in the near future.

As a result, there will be some changes on Sunday mornings.  We will have certain doors locked on Sunday mornings so as to lessen the chances of any safety issues.  The doors will be clearly marked with a sign.  This may take some time to get used to but it will result in a greater degree of overall safety for our church family.  You may have to change your routine a bit.  You may have to check your young children in and out of the nursery on Sunday mornings.  Many of these safety measures are already being used in other communities.  

We are proud to be able to provide this added level of safety for our church family. 

Children’s Offering for Classroom in Liberia

Upper Rooms 
The January/February Upper Room Devotionals are now available in the church office or at any of the church entrances.  Pick up one for yourself, your family, your friends...they’re absolutely free and a great read! 

Easy Giving 
You can now give to the church electronically!  There are two new Kiosks which are set up every Sunday morning for anyone to use.  Both are located in the Archives room (back of the Sanctuary) located nears signs that say "Giving Center."  You can also click the link on the right hand side of our home page ( either while on your computer or smartphone to give.  From either of those, you can bookmark the page for quick and easy access.  Let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything! 

Church Notifications 
Very rarely are church services, committee meetings, etc. cancelled, but when they are we always will send out notifications. The quickest and easiest ways we are able to contact our members is by sending both an email and text message out, along with posting something on Facebook.  If you would like to be added to one (or both) of these lists, please let the church office know! Word of mouth has always been great, too, so if you know someone who can’t receive a notification from us, please help us out by passing the word along!